Dear Grant,

Sandie and I want to express our gratitude to you and your team of craftsmen for the exceptional service you provided in rebuilding our Laurel Ridge Circle residence. We would be privileged to permit you to show the work you completed   ...more
Donald Nicolaisen

Katherine B. Gordon, Head of School, Mead Hall Testimonial

Dear Grant,
Yesterday one of our kindergarten students asked me who brought us the beautiful rocks.  While you may not have considered them beautiful when you proposed the idea, we at Mead Hall think they are wonderful.  They have made an immediate difference in the appearance of that pathway, and have resulted in less dirt being tracked into the buildings.  Your solution is ideal, and we are grateful.

Thank you for supporting our school with this generous donation.  Mead Hall is truly blessed by your kindness.

Katherine B. Gordon, Head of School, Mead Hall

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